We Co-created with Advance Real Estate a shared-value platform designed to thrust efficiency, wellbeing and sales.

Real Estate, Construction

Advance Real Estate is one of the fastest-growing leaders in industrial real estate in Mexico’s Bajio region. Their success was driving expansion at an accelerated pace, but sometimes resulted in operational inefficiencies with various audiences, including brokers, contractors, and the working communities in their estates.

They needed to restructure as an institution (internally and externally), differentiate the company’s position within the industry, and elevate to their next level.

What if we could transform an industrial real estate leader into a shared-value developer through a digital platform?


Wow Moments

Optimizing maintenance and efficiency was essential in the daily coordination of Advance’s many ventures: business and industrial parks, build-to-suit, and industrial sale/lease options. We needed to architect a solution combining operational efficiency and employee well-being at every level. Our approach was to create a digital platform that automates functional and personal needs, blending technology and strategic alliances. Clients benefitted greatly from the increase in productivity and employee engagement.

Advance strongly believes that “work” is synonymous with “well-being.” So, we partnered with them in their process of evolving from a “concrete-and-steel” industrial real estate company into shared-value developers. We helped them to generate emotional and economical benefits for all the stakeholders: employees, commercial allies, suppliers, brokers, and the working communities in their estates.