We Co-created with Alsea an innovative strategy to bring Spain onboard the New (Alsea) World.

Retail, Corporate Services

Encompassing 14 brands, 2,346 units, and more than 67,000 employees, Alsea was about to celebrate their 25th anniversary. We’ve been working with the company for nearly a decade, so we consulted with Alberto Torrado M.—business visionary and Alsea’s chairman—to discuss where the largest restaurant operator in Latin America was headed and how we could contribute to shaping their next quarter-century.

Alsea needed to reposition their brand and let all their audiences experience the “master chef” behind so many different restaurants. With Alsea’s acquisition of Zena, a Spanish company with a compatible portfolio and competencies, we set out to orchestrate a multi-faceted strategy that celebrates rich histories and sustains continued expansion while leveraging social, cultural, and economic impact to attract new talent and investors.

What if we could create a recipe for success based on growth and transcendence for the best chefs in Latin America and Spain?

Wow Moments

While Alsea’s rewarding combination of bold innovation and humanitarian focus is a key to the company’s business model and part of their DNA, their track record for brand acquisitions lacked a cohesive direction or process.

We determined that the ALSEA identity—in addition to the market’s perception of their restaurants—needed to become a prominent ingredient brand. For consumers to realize the richness that it imparts to its portfolio companies, investors, and clients, the Alsea name must convey familiarity, empathy, and favorability for all of its brands.

How do you integrate multiple cultures without imposing new ideals on every employee and customer? We found that the answer was inherent in the core values of the brands: they share similarities in their cultures, which Alsea had recognized in each acquisition. Rather than introduce new “corporate” rules or constraints, the solution was to refine existing values from their core and bring them to the surface for the Alsea community to own.