Working together with a Mexican growth-focused, B Corp certified company to impact the lives of 50,000 people was a transformative (energizing!) experience.

Iluméxico needed to understand how to identify and attract an underserved market audience while retaining current clients. In a Bottom of Pyramid (BoP) market, this meant employing a specialized approach and careful logistics planning. We successfully acknowledged people’s hopes, misgivings, and priorities to offer them products and experiences that went beyond their expressed needs.

What if we could design a social energy model to connect Mexico?


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Wow Moments

We realized that people in BoP energy markets needed to feel connected to Mexico. In addition to a desire for reliable energy or physical security, they felt shut out and cut off. More than anything, they aspired to feel a sense of belonging to their country. Many were disappointed by empty promises. Some were frustrated, not being considered by private and public companies for products and services available to the rest of the population.

Additionally, we discovered that a functional pricing and payment model must accommodate the customers’ transportation costs to deliver each utilities payment. This nearly doubled their initial financial costs—a strong barrier to clients wishing to rebuy or to those considering signing up. After thorough analysis, the choice was clear: If the mountain won’t come to Muhammad…

We hosted a series of in-depth interviews with the C-suite, their financial consultants, and the field engineers to cultivate a thorough understanding of business objectives, vision, and challenges.

In the field, we held full-immersion process workshops in several communities with diverse characteristics. We broke the ice with actual and potential customers using a variety of dynamics—contextual interviewing, shadowing, flash cards—and came away with a comprehensive sense of their most important hopes, fears, and desires.

Augmenting our field research with sector and trend analysis, we identified client archetypes based on similarities in their mindsets (desires, complaints, long-term aspirations, etc.).

Next, we designed an innovation model for Iluméxico with specific strategic recommendations to align the new core strategy to all the company’s business areas.

To help Iluméxico align their products efficiently with their target clients and regions, we developed an acquisition pyramid model that identified and categorized the diverse markets. Using this model as a strategic filter, we were able to determine specific points of purchase and recommend the most suitable financial models for each.

“Now I enjoy very much going to work every day. I know my market better, and I have the necessary tools to sell more, help grow both Company sales and my own heritage.” — Juan Ignacio, Field Engineer

With a thorough understanding of the new region segments—from demographic archetypes and geographical characteristics—we itemized the benefits and functionality of each purchase point. The results improved the expansion plan and optimized the company’s resources.

By identifying privileged micro-moments for category education and customer recruitment in each of our points of purchase, we began to address the customers’ pain/expense to transport payments. In doing so, we realized new opportunities for strengthening market coverage.

To accommodate diverse audiences and stakeholders, Iluméxico needed to tailor flexible-yet-aligned Value Propositions. We created an interior VP for field engineers, defining the purpose of their daily job and its huge impact on their country. We also designed two exterior VPs for investors and consumers: one to help investors quantify and predict the company’s market value, and the other to help consumers embrace the functional and emotional benefits of plugging into the Iluméxico community.

“Since I have an Iluméxico panel, I built an Internet café in my store and I tripled my clients! My children are excited to join the family business.” — Elena Gutiérrez, Iluméxico customer

We designed a new visual identity and located important recognition touchpoints, promoting recognition of Iluméxico as a serious institutional company, unrelated to any public enterprise.

Now that everything was in place to illuminate more and more of Mexico, we designed messaging, sales tools, and guidelines for field engineers to strengthen their sales strategies and streamline processes.

The future is bright—and getting brighter—for Mexico!

Iluméxico is growing and accelerating, seemingly at light-speed, illuminating more than 10,000 Mexican households who need it most. Upon implementation, the company reached their business volume objectives two years earlier than planned. They’ve instituted new investment decision filters to optimize resources. And, as a result of their exponential expansion, they’ve received international investment from Iberdrola and a renewed commitment from ENGIE Rassembleurs d’Energies, proving the success of their replicable and scalable model.