Salauno has cared for more than 250,000 people and performed more than 24,000 surgeries, restoring sight and hope to thousands of Mexican families. Determined to redefine visual care in Mexico, they sought the best way to promote their brand value and improve customer experience. We understood that this would require creating an improved experience for their employees.

Combining a Base of Pyramid (BoP) service, a volume business model, and the design and detail of a boutique brand presented a huge challenge, but greater opportunities. Our solution in this Full-Purpose project must align key areas of the organization and promise positive experiences for the doctors, personnel, and every Salauno patient.

What if improving the eyesight of Mexican communities could be a holistic, transformative journey?

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Wow Moments

Success in this health-oriented journey depends on the warmth of the personnel, so we addressed the challenge from the inside: we engaged with employees first. The goal was to cultivate a set of micro-moments or small pockets of happiness (MoH), making the whole process simple, flexible, and pleasant.

The company had developed a robust system of indicators to measure profitability, sales, and service quality, but salaUno had recently hit the Dunbar number—more than 150 employees—and the objective of maintaining a “social-but-profitable” operational model needed to be clear. The biggest motivation for most employees was the social cause, but communication was often an obstacle due to Salauno’s accelerated growth. This sometimes implied a perception of coldness and distance from the employees’ point of view. We set about consolidating these indicators in a human and friendly platform, connecting well-being, purpose, and profitability.

Salauno transforms the life of patients and communities, offering efficient prices and processes to increase access to quality services. Their brand needed to convey their humanity, empathy, and transformative benefits in a clear and simple way. The result was “see, live, transform,” which defines the Salauno essence.

We engaged in a series of activities with customers and employees to learn, understand, and sympathize. We designed a co-creative workshop with empathy maps, employee journeys, and Moments of Truth (MoT) to uncover two fundamental incentives of the team: the social mission and their need for recognition and appreciation.

We traced missions, phases, and activities in every area to simplify and optimize two primary points of interaction: the diagnostic clinics and the surgical center.

With a thorough understanding of the paths and missions, we now focused on emotions and experiences. We mapped the MoTs and designed micro-experiences to be replicated and scaled into four different audiences: patients, companions, doctors, executives. Each micro-experience was design to initiate triggers and interactions to make MoH experiences a reality for all parties.

These micro-experiences were well-received by co-workers because they reinforce the most important drive: social sense. A Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP) was needed to align and coalesce a sense of meaning in everyday challenges. This MTP, along with the four “beliefs” or principles would fortify the habits and behaviors needed to lead Salauno to the next level.

“The staff at Salauno is very kind. Everything is so easy and organized, and the process was very quick. I can now play with my grandchildren!” — Guadalupe Gómez, Patient at Salauno

The new beliefs and habits designed for Salauno employees also needed to be clear and understandable, in words and in actions. We developed a toolkit with a series of everyday activities designed to promote the employee practices required to further Salauno's purpose.

Once we understood the employees, we engaged in contextual interviews, shadowing, process diaries, group sessions, and a mystery shopper to experience the patient’s point of view. We found that the primary experiences of patients were infused with fear, hesitation, and hope.

Next, we designed a powerful concept: a “transformation journey.” The whole process of treatment is characterized as a journey and is represented in different spaces, permeating the experience from appointment to after-care.

“Our team has greater synergy. Our facilities and transformation journey help patients to know they’re safe and supported. We feel capable to replicate this sense in every new clinic we’ll open, so we continue to succeed and bring better vision care to more people.” — Javier Okyusen, CEO, Salauno

Because a patient’s first steps in a health process are always difficult, clear information and hard data are vital to guide their decisions. We developed tools and visuals to make the process trustworthy, understandable, and human.

As Salauno continued to grow, we undertook designing the new surgical center. It was imperative to know the most relevant health regulations and trends in the field of hospital experiences, so we worked together with architects and Salauno innovation leaders to map activities, interactions, and missions in the new four-story property.

Positive everyday activities are fundamental to face the most crucial moment, the surgery… but the space also factors into this intimidating stage (every MoT is an opportunity for an MoH). To create the sense of a journey, the surgery room is represented as an airplane and each step simulates a trip, from airport through takeoff.

There’s another important audience that needs courage and reassurance: the kids! To ensure a playful and compassionate experience for children, we designed a series of visuals, spaces, and triggers to help them feel safe and have fun.

Once in the operation room, the patient is able to see and divert their attention to artwork depicting three different mandalas or “ecosystems” placed strategically on the ceiling.

At the end of the process, many people who undergo surgery require a pair of glasses. With a new pair of glasses comes a new look and a change of daily habits. We helped the eyewear shop address very specific needs, from trying the glasses on to choosing a fit and style to learning how to take care of them.

We knew that familiarization with these changes takes time, so we prepared a set of kits to be delivered before and after the surgery. Kits contain all the pertinent products, medication, and information needed, including how to take measurements, how to prepare for surgery, and what to do/expect afterward.

For the collaborators, we assembled a welcome/launch kit containing four elements symbolizing Salauno’s four core beliefs.

While doctors and surgeons are the most engaged with the services, they’re also the most in need of recognition. To promote acknowledgement and appreciation, we established a program called “FuerzaUno” (ForceOne), a metaphorical combination of a S.W.A.T. team and Scouts.

The “FuerzaUno” concept is a recognition system, inspired by scouts’ badges, to motivate, recognize, and distinguish participants. These badges commend competencies and activities related to the four beliefs, and rewarded employees from all levels for reaching progressive stages of “courageousness”.

A vision of success!

The Salauno organization is growing at accelerated speed and volume! Lasic surgeries have increased 100%. Word-of-mouth and recommendations are up 15%. The new surgical center opened ahead of schedule, which increased the added value perception and allowed price adjustments of over 100%.

The employee culture program is being implemented as we’re developing this case study, but the reception of the team has been quite favorable, because it’s helped them understand the business model and its contribution to their chosen cause. They are a motivated and engaged team, ready to expand to other formats, segments, and regions. The present’s looking good, and the future looks great.