Twinkey is a consulting agency that delivers value to its clients through Big Data. Based on their success with customers like Fiat Chrysler and Walmart, they came to Thrust looking to replicate their operating model in different countries.

As we refined a straightforward definition of what the company does, we realized that Twinkey had the potential to offer a new kind of intelligence to its customers.

What if we could potentiate their clients’ growth through a more effective understanding of their audiences’ emotions and desires?

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Twinkey had a secret formula that allowed them to pinpoint their clients’ effective audiences. We discovered that they were unaware of a greater business potential already built into their Wiz™ algorithm: Twinkey’s effective audiences were the key to a new opportunity that would set the company apart from its competitors.

In-depth analysis of the audience data provided Twinkey’s team of emotional intelligence specialists with business-oriented insights—insights that are actionable on various levels of their client’s operations, resulting in ROI rates of more than 300%.

To fully understand—and expand—Twinkey’s standing in the digital marketing industry, we conducted one-on-one interviews and workshops with stakeholders, performed comprehensive competitor analysis, and backed it all up with no-stone-unturned research.

This led us discover that Twinkey’s clients and collaborators were not fully aware of the value and impact of their services. Moreover, Twinkey’s growth strategy at that time matched them against several far-more-consolidated competitors who could frustrate the company in an endless chase to catch up.

The first step toward reengineering the company’s business strategy was to define their core methodology concisely: Twinkey handpicks, with 70-80% accuracy, the audiences most likely to engage significantly with a brand. And so Wizbits™ was born.

We also recognized that Wizbits and other available resources were underused. When we matched Twinkey’s capabilities with their clients’ current and future needs, it was clear that they could deliver value beyond mere real-time bidding. The resulting strategy positioned Twinkey as the pioneer of audience-driven business intelligence, providing clients with real-time insights, actionable on multiple levels of their operations.

Alongside Twinkey’s core strategy, we defined the key differentiators that would not only set them apart form their competitors, but would also galvanize the company’s long-term objectives… to integrate operations, organizational culture, visual identity, deliverables, and more.

“At the beginning of 2017 we were located in three countries. With Thrust’s help, we were able to replicate our business model in six new locations throughout Latin America in less than a year.” — Hugo Ollé, CEO & Co-Founder, Twinkey

In order for Twinkey to transition their offers from real-time bidding into Audience-Driven Intel, we designed a strategy-execution roadmap that categorized potential clients according to datafication level, technology adoption, and size.

We also developed a “cellular” working model: standardized, scalable, and capable of increasing working capacity to meet clients’ demands.

We created a platform that aligned Twinkey’s essence, new business strategy, and workflow through the company’s purpose and core values. This ensured that the Twinkey culture would remain the same in every office, but would deliver more value to the organization, its members, and its clients.

“Thrust helped us to effectively communicate the value of our methodology to our clients, who are now able to fully appreciate and take advantage of our services.” — Pilar Cerda, COO & Co-Founder, Twinkey

We helped Twinkey communicate its value proposition using a simple and dynamic “dot-and-line” visual language to explain complex concepts in a variety of selling materials.

To facilitate a smooth and meaningful adoption of Twinkey’s new OS company-wide, we created a launch kit with select objects representing the company’s core values and business. We also composed a keynote explaining the upcoming changes, detailing their benefits to the company and its stakeholders.


Using Audience-Driven Intel, Twinkey’s cellular working model and innovative Big Data technologies are delivering increased success and confidence to clients and stakeholders. A top performer in their industry, they’ve replicated their business model in nine locations throughout Latin America in less than a year. The company is distinguished by consistency, incredible accuracy, and dedication to being a Trusted Partner: “If our clients win, we all win.”