Suin, based in Oaxaca, Mexico, is a well-being product company with a circular-value model. They were looking to create a brand for their first agave-based product, positioned as both a healthy beverage and a treat.

After a thorough behavioral economics and sector analysis, we discovered a huge opportunity to create an entirely new category around the active ingredient. The result is a unique formula that combines gastrointestinal benefits with an amazing taste and experience.

What if we could create a beverage to fuel a new generation that’s determined to change the world?


Consumer Goods, Food and Beverages

Wow Moments

One of the key foresights upon which the new category was built emerged from our Future-Economy Analysis. Close study of the fast-moving consumer group—LOHAS (Life Of Health And Sustainability)—a culture that’s creating serious, healthy lifestyle change. Our investigations revealed a behavioral pattern that embraces a broad universe of well-being products and experiences. What’s more, the increasing annual growth rate of LOHAS indicated a cultural shift, not just a trend.

This intel became one of the key pillars of a “wow” moment in Suin’s journey: we recognized the potential to build a value ecosystem that included an innovation pipeline of products, formats, contents, partnerships, and experiences to be deployed immediately and long-term. All of this potential revolved around the active ingredient formula, which was designed to be employed as a licensing and business asset.

We conducted a hybrid investigation process involving design thinking, ethnography, and foresight to fully understand the business objectives, analyze the category, and empathize with the consumer.

A sector analysis and a behavioral economics approach helped us understand market details, differentiation, and penetration challenges. Trend and competitive analysis plus product trials and validation corroborated these findings from the consumer perspective.

Repositioning the general perception of agave was a major challenge. We needed to elevate the ingredient from its common associations with alcohol and tea, and emphasize the primary benefit: amazing gastrointestinal properties.

Another tough, important question remained to be addressed: How could we identify, architect, and own an entirely new category to combine the best attributes of two different markets: the promise of amazing health benefits and an engaging coolness factor with the consumer? We crafted an eight-ingredient strategy to communicate the product’s functionality, attract a specific target audience, and impact all of the ecosystem’s stakeholders.

Moving forward, we designed a model illustrating how we’d penetrate the brand into diverse markets through “commercial orbits,” each representing additional segments and product lines, expanding our reach. The key was to focus the strategy on the active ingredient—the heart of the ecosystem’s value.

“We were exploring this undiscovered market between medicine and consumer goods. With Thrust, we found the best product to establish and conquer this category.” — Gabriela Gutiérrez, Farmacias San Pablo

We soon recognized that Suin’s potential—conceptually and functionally—allowed this to become much more than a single product. This was our opportunity expand the brand into a whole lifestyle portfolio.

Having orchestrated the business strategy, we co-designed (with Ariel Rojo Design Studio) a package inspired by the natural aesthetic attributes of the agave piña.

Then we began to construct the communication strategy, from the slogan, manifesto, and brand personality through business imperatives, key messages per audience, etc.

“Thrust helped us position the product and increase sales twice as fast as we’d planned. Months before the first production, we already had nationally recognized clients ordering Yoi.” — Vicente Reyes, Co-Founder, Suin

We also developed a whole new visual identity: name, logo, typography, color palette, active ingredient, main message, and illustrations.

With the brand ready to launch, we developed a brand manual and several branded communications—Point-of-Purchase (PoP), promotionals, publicity, packaging—to bring the brand’s values and attributes alive for specific touchpoints and consumer audiences. These were the finishing touches on a robust, system-wide program.

Sustainable science is refreshing!

Suin’s development of a 100% natural, great-tasting, nutritious beverage transformed a retail sector and brought long-term economic growth with a shared-value philosophy to the indigenous agave producers of Oaxaca. That’s taking the future to a refreshing—and healthy—next level.